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Adele’s delayed Las Vegas residency starts now … right?

Those fans who arrived in Las Vegas in January only to discover Adele had canceled the opening of her residency show with just 24 hours notice? They had the toughest stories, the greatest heartbreak. But there were others.

Tauny Durruthy thought she had conquered Christmas last year by securing a coveted Playstation 5 for her kids, but her husband René stole the show with tickets to Adele’s second scheduled weekend at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

“My daughter cried her eyeballs out in shock, and I spent the rest of the day trying to overcompensate for my measly gift,” she jokes. “Needless to say, we were completely devastated when we heard the news.

“Try explaining to a 10-year-old that Adele canceled her concert via Instagram the week before the show. Not fun.”

The wholesale postponement of Weekends With Adele still feels like one of the biggest disappointments in Las Vegas entertainment history, especially considering the time it took to get the beloved Brit back on the Colosseum calendar. She shut down the show on January 20 and new dates weren’t announced until July 25.

The residency finally arrives on November 18 and continues on Fridays and Saturdays through March 25 after adding eight concerts on top of the original plan.

It might still sting some, but will all the drama change the way we feel about Adele and her music? All 32 shows have sold out through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program and tickets are only available through secondary sources starting around the $700 mark. Her show has seemingly maintained the status of hottest ticket on the Strip, even as other headlining residencies and new production shows have launched over the course of the year. Perhaps her plan to take an extended break from music after her Weekends in Vegas has only increased the demand. That’d be good news for Caesars, which will benefit from the completion of the expanded residency run but will never make up for the many nights the Colosseum was empty during 2022 because of the sudden cancellation.

For Durruthy, it’s still Adele or bust. After living in Las Vegas for 16 years, her family moved to Mexico over the summer, but she’s coming back with her mother and now 11-year-old daughter to catch the concert later this month.

“This is more than just a concert for us. This is generational bonding and memories,” she says. “I’ve been rocking with Adele since she made her first album, 19 … but Adele is mostly special to me because of the memories I’ve made with my oldest daughter while listening to her music. I always sang ‘Someone Like You’ to my daughter when she was a baby, and still sing it to her from time to time.”

It’s no surprise that true-blue fans won’t let 10 months of waiting get in the way of such a special event, but has it altered their expectations of the performance?

“We would’ve been fine watching her sing in a chair in the middle of the stage if we had to,” Durruthy says. “Adele’s customers don’t go to concerts looking for waterfalls and fireworks. We want to see her sing and feel the feels.

“I will be looking for fireworks and waterfalls now, because I’m curious to see what held the show up for a whole year.”

WEEKENDS WITH ADELE November 18-19 (continuing through March 25), 8 p.m., the Colosseum,

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