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Dawley Farm Village continues to grow

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — If you haven’t been to the east side of Sioux Falls in a while, you may have an image of Dawley Farm that appears something like this: A movie theater, a Buffalo Wild Wings, a strip mall with a Target, a Burlington, a Cherry Berry and maybe a few other things, plus a little building with a Subway in it.

While those businesses are indeed still there, there is today much more as well.

First of all, Dawley Farm is much larger than you probably think it is.

According to Raquel Blount, VP of Commercial Real Estate for Lloyd Company, the developer/listing agent for the project, the site has been in development for 15 years, and really began with the sale of a portion of the land to Walmart.

“When they sold that piece, that sparked interest from other national retailers,” said Blount. “After that deal happened — we had interest from Target and Kohls.”

Blount helped explain the full size of the Dawley Farm Village land, which runs from Arrowhead Parkway all the way down to 26th Street, and Veterans Parkway to Foss Ave. on the north side, and from Veterans Parkway to past Cynthia Drive on its southern end, encompassing Rosa Parks Elementary and a portion of the surrounding neighborhood.

And of course while most people think of the main strip of Target to Buffalo Wild Wings as “Dawley Farm”, the actual perimeters of it encompass much more.

This includes townhomes, apartments, a daycare center, school, gas station, the new Avera Medical Center, a hotel and many other businesses.

Blount says this mix of business, services and residential is all part of the plan.

“We have a tremendous amount of housing in Dawley Farm Village,” said Blount. “We have the Dublin Apartments — The Carlton under construction — there’s senior living apartments and then we have the villa lots and some twin home lots — we really have the gamut of anywhere from single family to twin homes up to high density apartment units, office uses, service uses, medical, retail.”

Dawley Farm Village

Blount says the original vision of Dawley Farm Village is playing out as planned but there is room for growth.

“North of 18th street, we really only have two parcels available,” said Blount. However, in the southern portion of the development, between 18th St. and 26th, she said there are 30 acres available for development.

That space isn’t expected to sit empty though. Blount revealed that in addition to the recent arrival of Crumbl Cookies and Buff City Soap, the next business to arrive will be a dental practice.

As to when the village may be complete? “I would suspect the Dawley Farm Village will develop out in the next two to three years,” said Blount.

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