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Error in course measurement puts Oklahoma woman's 100-mile world record in limbo

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma distant runner’s world record is now in dispute. Camille Herron beat her own world record in a 100-mile race last February.  

A measurement course error during professional ultrarunner Camille Herron’s marathon back in February is now the reason her 100-mile world record won’t count. Her husband told KFOR they are disappointed, and they have lots of questions.  

The course was remeasured in February and then again in October. That’s when Herron was notified the course had been slightly altered and was short by seven feet per lap, or a total of 716 feet short of 100 miles. 

Now USA Track & Field committee decided to not ratify the record. 

It was another world record for Camille Herron, the Jackpot Ultrarunning Festival 100-miler in Nevada 

She beat her own world record, but now that’s in doubt. 

Herron and her husband are now trying to understand why it’s over-ruling a February measurement.  

“We also have this other report that no one’s talking about and that says she ran 100 miles. So, we’re kind of like in limbo right now,” said Conor Holt, Camille Herron’s husband, coach and manager.  

Conor Holt said he’d like to get another course measurement because of how long it took. 

“We were kept in the dark for so long. You know, typically after our record is broken, you know, you go through a paperwork stage that’s usually done in the few weeks afterwards… My understanding is that USATF knew this and the race director had told us if a record was broken, they would make sure that the course was certified,” said Holt.  

Oklahoma running coach and expert Mark Bravo is also questioning the time it took.  

“Why is it being questioned seven months later when it had a USATF sanction, when the race went off Camille Herron did what she was asked to do and in doing so established a world record, male or female. And it’s rather tough, as she has said, when you put a goal in front of you, you conquer it. Such a unique one and then it is taken away, but not for any other reason than seemingly changing the rules,” said Mark Bravo, Oklahoma running expert and coach.  

Bravo said the USATF races are measured by professionals who have been trained.  

“The procedure in measuring involves wheels and bicycles and certain calculated instruments that are approved to be qualified, viable level. And so, they do that again, whether it be on the streets of Oklahoma City in a smoother track to measure or any distance anywhere. And it becomes the case that they need to look particularly closely because these are unique courses,” said Bravo.  

The good news is Herron broke several other records at the race.  

“She broke the 100 mile, her own hundred-mile world record. She broke the 12-hour world record. And she also broke an American Masters 50 mile on route American record. So there’s a number of records broken on the day and then obviously in the US championships, she won that too. But Camille is a once in a generation type athlete, these kind of athletes don’t come along very often… She won the race outright, which that doesn’t happen hardly ever. She beat all the men. So that was a huge deal too,” said Holt.  

Holt said his wife’s biggest concern is not letting the controversy slow her down.  

Herron’s husband told KFOR during that race, Camille broke the record by 90 seconds, and she was actually running faster at the end than she was at the start. 

He said he believes she would have still broken the record by minutes.  

We did reach out to the USATF to help answer some of their questions, but we haven’t heard back yet.  

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