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Young Writers Project: Lantern in the night

Young Writers Project is a creative online community of teen writers, photographers, and artists, based in Vermont since 2006. Each week, VTDigger features the writing and art of young Vermonters who publish their work on, a free, interactive website for youth 12-18 years old. To find out more, visit, or contact Executive Director Susan Reid at; 802-324-9538.

“Sunset in Two Worlds,” artwork by by Amelia Van Driesche, 16, of Burlington.

“This piece was inspired by an image I saw demonstrating a quiet boarding dock in a tranquil night, having been occupied by only the dimly lit lantern that hung on the pole, and the giant, mysterious boat that emerged from the mist. It gave me inspiration to write this short poem.” – Noah Carmona of Colchester, this week’s featured poet.

By Noah Carmona, 17, of Colchester

The lantern smiles brightly in the night.
It starts to swing, and as the light takes flight,
a mysterious boat materializes out of the mist.

The lantern ponders, and asks, “Who’s this?”
The boat does not reply, just gives a cold glare.
The lantern flickers, and starts to get scared.

The boat then says, “Sorry, that’s not fair.
I was just swimming and I saw you there.
I figured I’d stop, come say hi.
But I do not want to scare you, so I must say goodbye.”

The lantern laughs and its warmth fills the air.
“I wasn’t scared, I was just surprised to see you there.”

The boat deeply exhales a sigh of relief.
A lantern and a boat now friends, how neat.

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